Hannes goes ZA...

Getting started...what's happening?

After having done all negotiations with the company - and with the family of course(!) - it is now official. If there are no complications with the visa and work permit process one year in Johannesburg, South Africa, is about to start on October 1st 2014.

That causes lots of excitement, planning, organizational stuff: Where to start? What to move? How does it work overall? Is it easy to get a work visa? Luckily the company helps with most of the stuff - at least with the initial arrangements. Naturally all those questions and activities cause a lot of work and kept me busy throughout the last weeks and days - and I have the feeling this will go on for a while ;-).

I decided to start this blog early and keep track of what is happening before the year, during the year in South Africa and of course what will happen afterwards. Here are the quick facts:

  1. I will go there for 1 year as an assignment with SAP
  2. I will take over a slightly different job
  3. I will travel less as most of the work is in Johannesburg
  4. I have to do lots of planning
  5. I am excited!!!
  6. Lots of planning is going on
  7. If everything works out I will start on October 1st
  8. I am currently preparing my visa
  9. I will keep writing this blog

And for all the people who are asking the question: I won't buy a gun ;-)

By the way: Johannesburg can be found on the map ;-).


More stuff like pics, short updates etc. will be on the website and on the options below. Make sure to check them as well...